EC3D Twist Compression Socks

EC3D Twist Compression Socks
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EC3D is proud to introduce its latest innovation: the Twist compression sock, offering performance and recuperation in a single garment. In «Performance» Mode, the front compression zone is tighter, stabilizing muscles and reducing unwanted vibration, which can cause muscle soreness near the shinbone (shin splint). The calf is covered by an area featuring lower compression, in order to allow the muscle to expand. The calf's surrounding zone features higher compression, for better muscle stability.


After physical activity, all you need to do is pinch and twist the sock (the front colors line up with the back of your leg) to switch to «Recuperation» Mode. Twisting increases compression and drains the calves of any remaining toxins. Result: this way, the Twist compression sock can help prevent discomfort during and after your workout.


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"EC3D works! The compression tights are fantastic for travel - keeping those ankles and legs feeling fresh off the plane - which makes a great difference. The compression socks as well are a hit, and are a travel essential for our entire squad. The quicker the legs feel better after long travel - the better quality work we can accomplish. Super happy with EC3D!"   

-- Devon Kershaw


"I found that ec3d product work the best for me as recovery after hard intensity or long workout. It's priceless during a competitions like Tour de Ski."

--Ivan Babikov

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