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Makes 25 L(6.6 Gal.)/ 50 Servings


e loadTM is a physiologically formulated sports drink with the emphasis on four important performance factors:

  1. Optimum hydration, facilitated by higher sodium levels
  2. The most effective replenisher of sweat electrolyte on the market today, countering the depleting effects of sweating, and providing an important weapon against the development of heat illness
  3. Rapid fueling with its primary carbohydrate, high glycemic index dextrose, reducing the chance of bonking
  4. Buffering lactic acid production with MultiCitrateTM


e loadTM can and should be used during both pre-exercise and exercise phases.


The use of e loadTM prior to activity is an important way to ensure that you are physiologically ready to perform, addressing the following:

  1. Dehydration
  2. Electrolyte Depletion
  3. Hypoglycemia


Use of e loadTM during your activity is important to:

  1. maintaing hydration
  2. maintain electrolyte balance
  3. contribute to carbohydrate balance, reducing the chance of bonking
  4. buffer lactic acid as it is produced


"Not many sport drinks taste THAT good and consist THAT many important ingredients to keep us going.

Eload, what's in your drink belt?" 

--Ivan Babikov

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